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First Contact Physiotherapists

Can diagnose and treat muscular and joint conditions, advise on how to manage conditions and refer on to specialist services.

How to access: Patients may be offered an appointment with this expert team for same day support instead of GP.


Paramedics assess and treat certain health conditions, order tests and interpret results. We have a home visiting team for our house bound and care home patients.

How to Access: Patients may be offered appointments with a paramedic when requesting a home visit. They are highly trained specialists and work closely with our GPs to deliver high quality care.

Care Coordinators

We have a variety of care coordinators working with us:

  • Our Home visiting Team care coordinator supports the paramedic home visiting team and the people who they visit.
  • Our Extended Hours care coordinator organises our team who provide appointments in the evenings and on weekends.
  • Our Care home care coordinator liaises with practices and care homes and the wider health community to support our patients who reside in care homes.
  • Our Cancer care coordinators are working with patients to improve the uptake of cancer screening and will also provide support for people who have been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Our Dementia care coordinators support people who are living with dementia and liaise with our Admiral Nurse who provides support for carers of people with dementia.


Clinical Pharmacists review medicines, agree and making changes to prescriptions and advise about medicines and possible side effects. Pharmacy Technicians show people how to use their medicines, support Clinical Pharmacists to review existing medication and advise on lifestyle choices.

How to Access: Patients may be offered an appointment with this specialist team by their GP practice.

Physician Associates

Can diagnose and treat certain health conditions, arrange tests and analyse results and perform physical examinations.

How to access: Patients will be offered appointments with paramedics when same day support is required.

Social Prescribers

Can support patients to manage their health and wellbeing helping them to access support services and activities.

How to access: Patients can self-refer or be referred by a GP.

Health & Wellbeing Coaches

We have teamed up with Shrewsbury Foundation at Shrewsbury Town Football Club to provide fully funded access to exercise facilities and expertise.  You are able to self refer via the website or by calling the team on 07580 473214.

Mental Health Practitioners

Provide integrated, personalised, place-based care, and act as a bridge between primary care and specialist mental health services.

How to access: your practice receptionist can book you an appointment with a mental health practitioner, you do not need to see a GP first to access this service.

Clinical Psychologists

Offer group support on managing emotions, relationship, emotional wellbeing, improving sleep and understanding chronic pain and illness. How to access: Patients can self-refer or be referred by a relevant health professional to group sessions.

Extended Access

Patients can access a range of clinics and appointments in the evening and at weekends.

How to access: patients can ask practice reception teams about these.